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The August Sander Foundation

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August Sander Stiftung


I am very pleased to announce that the August Sander Stiftung is now a registered foundation in Bonn, Germany. In the next weeks we will be rolling out the plans for the foundation as well as announcing the members of the curatorium.

This is a big day and a big event for the work of August Sander. The foundations primary work will focus on August Sander’s artistic process and the effect it has had on the generations that have followed, be they politicians, writers, photographers, works or anything else.

Mission Statement

As the great grand son of August Sander I have made it my mission to further the understanding of who August Sander was.  In having grown up with the works of August Sander as well as the works of his contemporaries I feel I have special understanding of the humanistic value of the body of work.  I have learned, through the example of my father Gerd Sander, to respect all humanity.  This he learned from his grand father, with whom he spent many years as a child.  Gerd also spent many years working with August Sander in the darkroom and during photo sessions.

The deep respect for humanity that August Sander lived by allowed him to remove himself from the portraits he was making, which in turn allowed the sitter to fully present themselves.  It was this balance of humility, skill and compassion that has continued to set August Sander apart from all of his contemporaries and his followers.

I aim to fill in this story by creating a resource for the deeper understanding of August Sander as a person and as an artist.

– Julian Sander